Digging up the Past Quiz 1

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1. What kind of animals were the first vertebrates?

2. What is the study of fossils called?

3. Which was the fiercest carnivorous dinosaur?

4. What was the huge, now extinct tiger noted for its teeth?

5. Diplodocus holds what distinction among dinosaurs?

6. What sort of creature was the coelacanth?

7. Kieselguhr is fossilised plankton, what is it used for?

8. What was the prehistoric equivalent of today?s elephant?

9. Which was the heaviest dinosaur?

10. How many horns did the triceratops have?  


1. Fish

2. Palaeontology

3. Tyrannosaurus Rex

4. Sabre toothed tiger

5. It had the longest tail

6. A fish

7. Polishing or manufacture of dynamite

8. Mammoth or mastodon

9. Brachiosaurus

10. 3


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