Heavenly Bodies Quiz 1

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Heavenly Bodies1. Eugene Cernan was the last man to stand on what in 1972?

2. During which natural phenomenon could you see Baileys Beads?

3. Who had a Total Eclipse of The Heart in 1983?

4. Helios is the Greek God of what?

5. Cancer is nowadays represented by a crab, how was it represented in early astrology ?

6. On which record label did Elvis originally record?

7. In Alice In Wonderland, what allegedly made the Hatter mad?

8. Which daily newspaper was launched in 1978?

9. The composer Holst wrote the Planets suite B but which two planets were missing?

10. Two of the water signs are Cancer & Scorpio, what is the third?  


1. The Moon.

2. Eclipse of the sun.

3. Bonnie Tyler.

4. The sun.

5. A crayfish.

6. Sun Label

7. Mercury

8. The Daily Star

9. Earth and Pluto

10. Pisces


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