Whats in a Name Quiz 2

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1. What dictator preferred a name meaning "man of steel" to his given name of Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili?

2. Letters from the famous to Willie Donaldson caused hilarity in the 19805. To whom were they addressed?

3. Wild West "kid" Henry Longbaugh took his name from which Wyoming town where he was once jailed?

4. Which British radio DJ and television comedian who died of Aids began life as Maurice Cole?

5. What Catholic peer, renowned for supporting dubious criminals, started out as plain Frank Pakenham?

6. She was born Anna Mary Robertson in 1861, had her first exhibition in 1940 and died aged 101. Who was she?

7. Born Arnold Dorsey, he was Gerry Dorsey before taking the snappy name of which minor German composer?

8. Which Hollywood actor combined Gibraltar and New York's river to come up with his successful name?

9. As Emily Lyon, born in 1765, who set out to find fame and became the mistress of a famous sailor?

10. Saigon would have been Nguyen That Thanh City in 1975 if which leader hadn't changed his name?  


1. Stalin

2. Henry Root

3. Sundance

4. Kenny Everitt

5. Lord Longford

6. Grandma Moses

7. Englebert Humperdink

8. Rock Hudson

9. Emma, Lady Hamilton

10. Ho Chi Minh


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