Religion Quiz 2

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1. Dreadlocks in the hair and a musical style are hallmarks of which movement linked with Ethiopia?

2. How is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness known?

3. In Hinduism what is a mandir?

4. In which religion are Shiva and Vishnu major gods?

5. What are members of the Unification Church better known as?

6. What does TM stand for in the movement founded by the Maharishi?

7. What nationality was Confucius?

8. Which Christian group denies the idea of the Trinity?

9. What term is used in Islam for "Holy War"?

10. Which country has the largest number of Roman Catholics?

11. How many times did Peter deny Christ?

12. Which religious group is collectively known as the Church of the latter day saints?

13. Who started the movement we now know as The Jehovah?s Witnesses?

14. Whose shrine was brought to Durham in 995, after being removed from Holy Island to escape Viking raids?

15. What name is given to the 4 holy books of the Hindus

16. What term is used to mean fit to be eaten according to Jewish ritual?

17. What is the first day of the Holy Week known as?

18. What Apostle was known as ?The Twin??

19. Name any one of original ?Fathers of the church??

20. Name 3 of the 7 deadly sins?  


1. Rastafarianism

2. Hare Krishna

3. Temple

4. Hinduism

5. Moonies

6. Transcendental Meditation

7. Chinese

8. Unitarians

9. Jihad

10. Brazil

11. 3 times

12. The Mormons

13. Charles Taze Russell (Thanks to Jon Gilbert for correcting a previous mistake in the answer)

14. Saint Cuthbert

15. The Vedas

16. Kosher

17. Palm Sunday

18. Thomas

19. Saint Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine Gregory The Great

20. Pride, Avarice, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth and Anger


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