Hobbies and Leisure Quiz 2

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1. Many people will take photos over the summer using an SLR camera. What does SLR mean?

2. In golf what is an albatross?

3. If you've gone fishing and caught an elver. If you let it loose what will it turn into?

4. On a tent what is the name given to the extra layer of fabric over it, held away so that there is a gap between the two layers?

5. By what name is toxophily otherwise known?

6. What does SCUBA stand for in Scuba Diving?

7. Which combative sport takes place in a hall called a Salle on an area called a piste?

8. Who is the author of the Harry Potter books?

9. Who wrote "Pennine Way Companion", the well-known guide to walking this trail.

10. How many players compete in a Beach Volleyball match?

11. In which city is the National Railway museum?

12. What is the maximum number of players in a game of Poker?

13. Which game takes its name from the Chinese word for sparrow?

14. How many pieces are on a chess board at the beginning?

15. Which card game derives its name from the Spanish word for basket?

16. Which stately home is sometimes called the Palace of the Peak?

17. In which county would you visit Sissington Gardens?

18. In which museum is the Mona Lisa?

19. How did Canterbury cathedral announce it would emulate St Paul?s in 1997?

20. What is the best hand in a game of poker  


1. Single Lens Reflex

2. Three under par for a hole

3. Eel

4. Fly sheet

5. Archery

6. Self contained underwater breathing apparatus.

7. Fencing

8. JK Rowling

9. Alfred Wainwright (accept just the surname)

10. 4 (2 each side)

11. York

12. 8

13. Mahjong

14. 32

15. Canasta

16. Chatsworth

17. Kent

18. Louvre

19. Charging

20. Royal Flush


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