Story Time Quiz 2

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1. Who wrote the novel The Three Musketeers?

2. Which author created the character Long John Silver?

3. Which musical instrument does Sherlock Holmes regularly play?

4. Who were Charles Kingsley?s aquatic infants?

5. What are the first five words of the 23rd psalm?

6. Who was Tiny Tim?s dad in Dickens AA Christmas Carol?

7. Which literary character orders his Martinis, shaken, not stirred?

8. Who was Lady Chatterley?s Lover?

9. According to Charles Dickens, how many ghosts appeared to Scrooge?

10. Who was the nursery rhyme hero who pulled pussy out of the well?  


1. Alexandre Dumas.

2. Robert Louis Stevenson

3. Violin.

4. The Water Babies

5. The Lord is my shepherd.

6. Bob Cratchit.

7. James Bond.

8. Mellors - The Gamekeeper

9. Four - Christmas past, Christmas present Christmas to come and Marleys Ghost.

10. Little Johnny Stout


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