Oriental Quiz 1

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1. Name the two cities the new Eastern and Oriental express runs between?

2. Which countries currency is supposedly the hardest to forge?

3. What is the most expensive soup that can normally be eaten in a Chinese restaurant?

4. What colour car is traditionally reserved for the Japanese Royal family?

5. What was the capital of the country named Burma?

6. Who was the last British governor of Hong Kong?

7. What is the national sport of Japan?

8. Which capital cities name translates as ?Muddy River Mouth??

9. What is the name of Bangkok?s notorious entertainment district?

10. Which drink was supposedly invented in the bar-room at Raffles Hotel?  


1. Bangkok and Singapore

2. Japan

3. Sharks Fin

4. Maroon

5. Rangoon

6. Chris Patten

7. Sumo

8. Kuala Lumpur

9. Patpong

10. Singapore Sling


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