Horsing Around Quiz 1

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1. What unit is used to measure the height of a horse?

2. Who wrote the children's novel 'Black Beauty'?

3. Which two films starring the Marx Brothers, had equine titles?

4. Which king is supposed to have said "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse?"

5. In Greek mythology, which type of creature was half-horse and half-man?

6. What was special about a horse named Ed?

7. What was the name of the horse that survived a car bomb attack in Hyde Park in 1982?

8. Which one of these three Grand National winners was not ridden by Richard Dunwoody? a) West Tip b) Mr. Frisk c) Miinehoma

9. How many players on each side in a game of polo?

10. What breed of horse is the traditional mount of an American cowboy?  


1. Hand (= 4 inches)

2. Anna Sewell

3. Horse Feathers and A Day at the Races

4. Richard III (Shakespeare play)

5. Centaur

6. He could talk (1950s TV series)

7. Sefton

8. b) Mr. Frisk

9. Four. A back and three forwards.

10. Mustang


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