A Grave Quiz 1

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1. Which famous writer?s grave is often found covered with Chocolate Bars?

2. Which American singer from the late 60s is buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris?

3. What is the name of the Royal graveyard at Windsor?

4. Which former British politician is buried at St Mary the Virgin Churchyard at St Marys on the Isles of Scilly?

5. Where is Hornedjitef, King of Egypt circa 1600 bc buried?

6. WhichDickens character is buried at Tong Church (about 5 miles away)?

7. Which couple are buried together at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford Upon Avon?

8. Fairview Cemetary in Halifax Nova Scotia is the mass burial point for which group of people?

9. Many a reluctant person can be found buried at The Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. In which castle is this graveyard?

10. In which city is Robert Runcie the former Archbishop of Canterbury buried?  


1. Roald Dahl

2. Jim Morrison

3. Frogmore

4. Harold Wilson

5. British Museum

6. Little Nell

7. Ann Hathaway and William Shakespeare

8. Victims of the Titanic

9. Tower of London

10. St Albans


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