British Politics Quiz 2

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1. Who gave up the title of Viscount Stansgate to remain an MP?

2. Which actor is Tony Blair?s Father in Law?

3. Who wrote the novel ?A Parliamentary Affair??

4. Who resigned as a Government Minister over the Sarah Keays affair?

5. Which party won the General election in 1945?

6. Name the 1992 Tory Party Chairman who lost his seat in Bath?

7. What was Norman Tebbitt?s job before entering The Houses of Parliament?

8. Who became deputy Labour Leader after the 1992 General Election?

9. Which former MP won gold medals at the 1980 and 1984 Olympics?

10. Which former cabinet member campaigned for the Royals to move out of Buckingham Palace?  

11. Which term is used to describe a member of the House of Lords who does not take the party whip?

12. Which post war labour party leader had the middle name Mackintosh?

13. Roy Jenkins and David Owen were 2 of the 4 founders of which party?

14. Who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer when Mrs Thatcher resigned in 1990?

15. Which former Prime Minister was created Earl of Stockton in 1984?

16. If an MP applies for the Chiltern Hundreds what is he doing?

17. Who succeeded Neil Kinnock as Leader of the Labour Party?

18. Which MP was suspended from the House of Commons for 4 days in 1991 for calling the Northern Ireland Secretary a liar?

19. Sir Edward Compton, Sir Alan Marre, Sir Idwal Pugh and Sir Anthony Barrowclough have held which post first created in 1967?

20. At the 1992 general election, the number of MPs rose from 650 to 651. Which city was allocated an extra MP?


1. Tony Benn

2. Anthony Booth

3. Edwina Currie

4. Cecil Parkinson

5. Labour

6. Chris Patten

7. Airline Pilot

8. Margaret Beckett

9. Sebastian Coe

10. Mo Mowlam, sadly no longer with us

11. Crossbencher

12. Michael Foot

13. SDP

14. John Major

15. Harold Macmillan

16. Resigning

17. John Smith

18. Ian Paisley

19. Ombudsman (Parliamentary)

20. Milton Keynes


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