Bigger or the Same Quiz 1

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The following quiz was submitted by Ian Hanniford from the UK. Cheers Ian, an interesting idea for a round.

For each of the following which is the larger or are they the same size

1. 5 inches or 10cm

2. 1 mile or 1.61 kilometres

3. A4 or B4 paper size

4. The atomic weight of Lithium or the atomic weight of carbon

5. The area of France or the area of Spain

6. The Petronas Towers or The Sears Tower

7. The population of the United Kingdom or the population of Spain

8. The air distance from London to Delhi or London to Chicago

9. The road distance from London to Bristol or London to Birmingham

10. The size of California or the size of Florida  


1. 5 inches

2. The same

3. B4 (A4 - 210 x 297, B4 - 250 x 353)

4. Carbon (approx. Twice as heavy)

5. France (approx. 10% bigger)

6. Petronas Towers

7. UK (a 1/3 larger)

8. London to Delhi

9. The same (120 miles)

10. California


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