Roses Quiz 1

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1. Which American singer had a hit in 1962 with Ramblin Rose?

2. What is Roseland in New York?

3. What colour is the variety of rose called Mountbatten?

4. Kane?s last word in the film Citizen Kane was Rosebud. What was Rosebud?

5. Where in Jordan was poetically described as ?the rose red city half as old as time??

6. Which 2 royal houses fought the Wars of the Roses?

7. A famous Rose had a hit in the 50s with Mambo Italiano, who is her nephew?

8. On the 1st day of which month do American football teams compete for the Rose Bowl?

9. Which US state is associated in song with a yellow rose?

10. Which line precedes ?I never promised you a rose garden? in a 1970s hit?  


1. Nat King Cole

2. A Dance Hall

3. Yellow

4. A Sled

5. Petra

6. York and Lancaster

7. George Clooney

8. January

9. Texas

10. I beg your pardon


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