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1. Which Advertising Agency ran the Conservatives successful election campaigns?

2. Who was the former chairman of ICI who also acted as a business consultant on TV before his death in January 2008?

3. In the British banking system, what do the letters BACS stand for?

4. Whose advertising campaigns used to feature Orson Welles?

5. What is a Dutch Auction?

6. What is the name of the Japanese Stock Exchange index?

7. According to their adverts, with which product would you 'keep your schoolgirl complexion'?

8. Leading up to British Gas's privatisation, who were we encouraged to tell?

9. Which High Street chain of shops is owned by Lord Vestey?

10. Which two companies merged, in 1974, to form British Airways?  


1. Saatchi and Saatchi

2. Sir John Harvey Jones

3. Bankers Automated Clearing Service

4. Domecq Sherry

5. Price comes down until the item is sold

6. Nikkei

7. Palmolive

8. Sid

9. Dewhursts

10. BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporations) and BEA (British European Airways)


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