Hotels Quiz 1

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1. How was the prison in Thailand ironically nicknamed in a TV series starring Denholm Elliot and Nicole Kidman?

2. Who wrote the novel Hotel Du Lac?

3. Who wrote and recorded the hit song and album Hotel California?

4. Which hotel and in which town in England was bombed by the IRA during a Tory party conference?

5. In which European capital city is the famous Hotel Kempinski?

6. Of which hotel did Elvis famously sing?

7. Which famous London hotel is around the corner from Berkeley Square?

8. Which Torquay hotel was immortalised on television?

9. Which of Jeffrey Archer?s novels charts the rivalry of 2 men as they aim to build a hotel chain?

10. Which hotel connects Greta Garbo and John and Lionel Barrymore on film?  


1. Bangkok Hilton

2. Anita Brookner

3. The Eagles

4. The Grand, Brighton

5. Berlin

6. Heartbreak Hotel

7. Claridges

8. Fawlty Towers

9. Kane & Abel

10. Grand Hotel


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