Stars Quiz 1

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1. What do the Americans call the constellation of stars that we refer to as 'The Plough'?

2. The Star Chamber was created in 1487 by Henry VII after the Wars of the Roses. What was its function?

3. Which sweets have been renamed as 'Starburst'?

4. Which rock star was apprenticed to Brentford FC, and then quit that to go busking?

5. What is Jesus's star sign?

6. Which comic strip character starred in outer space adventures with his female companion Dale Arden?

7. Which major breakthrough in communications was provided by Telstar, launched in 1962?

8. How many stripes on the US flag, 'The Stars and Stripes'?

9. What was the name of the horse, owned by Freddie Starr, that won the 1994 Grand National?

10. What was the name of the star that guided the Wise Men to Jesus?  


1. The Big Dipper

2. The Civil and Criminal Courts

3. Opal fruits

4. Rod Stewart

5. Capricorn

6. Flash Gordon

7. Live TV Transmissions

8. 13

9. Minnehoma

10. Bethlehem


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