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1. In Bridge or Whist , if a hand is described as a Yarborough what does it mean?

2. In Bingo what number is sometimes referred to as ?2 Little Ducks??

3. What game is advertised as ?The game of Quick draw??

4. Who was the regular host of the 1970?s TV gameshow ?Whodunit??

5. From which country does the card game Cassino originate?

6. In the American version of Monopoly this street is referred to as Boardwalk. What is it referred to as in the English version?

7. Who were the two British hosts of It?s a Knockout?

8. Which gambling game is played in the 1955 film Guys and Dolls?

9. What is the name given to the American version of the game Pontoon?

10. Name the 3 male characters found in Cluedo?  

11. Which game involves taking wooden blocks from a tower and placing them on top without making the tower fall?

12. In chess, which piece always moves diagonally?

13. What are the three denominations of army pieces in the game of risk?

14. In which game do you try to outmanoeuvre your opponent in placing hands and feet on coloured circles as directed by the spinner?

15. On which American city was the first monopoly game based?

16. In which card game can you stick and twist?

17. Which manufacturer produces sonic the hedgehog computer games?

18. In Cluedo which two weapons are traditional weapons?

19. Name the toys that were ?Robots in Disguise??

20. Which king in a pack of cards does not have a moustache?


1. The highest card is a 9

2. 22

3. Pictionary

4. Jon Pertwee

5. Italy

6. Mayfair

7. Stuart Hall & Eddie Warring

8. Craps

9. Blackjack

10. Prof Plum, Rev Green, Col Mustard

11. Jenga

12. Bishop

13. Infantry, Calvary And Artillery

14. Twister

15. Atlantic City

16. Pontoon Blackjack

17. Sega

18. Dagger And Revolver

19. The Transformers

20. King Of Hearts


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