Buildings Quiz 2

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1. In which city would you find the CN tower?

2. How was Hoover Dam on the Colorado river known from 1933 to 1947?

3. Where in the world can you see 2 bridges linking one continent with another?

4. Which Asian capital city did Edwin Lutyens design?

5. Which American, whose designs include the Guggenheim museum in New York was an exponent of Organic Architecture?

6. What world famous landmark was built on Bedloes island?

7. Name the fortified Moorish palace that stands on a rocky hill in Grenada in Spain

8. In which city is the spectacular church of the Holy family left unfinished by Anthony Gaudi?

9. Which school of Architecture was founded in 1919 but closed by the Nazis in 1933 because of decadence, an eighties pop group took there name from this movement?

10. What kind of stepped brick pyramid was built in ancient Babylonia and Assyria as the base of a shrine?  


1. Toronto

2. Boulder dam

3. Bosphorous (Istanbul?)

4. New Delhi

5. Frank Lloyd Wright

6. The statue of Liberty

7. Alhambra

8. Barcelona

9. Bauhaus

10. Ziggurat


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