A Load of Balls Quiz 1

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1. Which game involves the use of wooden balls, mallets. and hoops?

2. Which American singer had his first British hit in 1961 with Rubber Ball?

3. How many red balls are there on the table at the start of a game of snooker?

4. Whose opera, A Masked Ball, was premiered in 1859?

5. The Secret Policeman?s Ball was staged in aid of which organisation?

6. Who was Lucille Ball?s first husband, with whom she set up a film studio?

7. Which sport in recent years has been subject to accusations of ball tampering?

8. Who played the male lead in the 1941 comedy film Ball Of Fire?

9. Add the number of balls in billiards to the number of balls needed for a game of pool.

10. Who had a number one hit in 1958 with Great Balls Of Fire? 


1. Croquet

2. Bobby Vee

3. 15

4. Giuseppe Verdi

5. Amnesty International

6. Desi Arnaz

7. Cricket

8. Gary Cooper

9. 19 (3 + 16)

10. Jerry Lee Lewis


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