The Senses Quiz 1

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1. Which part of the eye contains light-sensitive cells?

2. Which composer wrote much of his finest music when he was deaf?

3. Which nerve carries information from the eye to the brain?

4. Which sense does the Venus Flytrap use to capture it?s prey?

5. Which part of the eye gives it it?s colour?

6. And which part of the eye gets smaller when the lights go on?

7. Are the semi-circular canals in the eye, the nose, or the ear?

8. Olfactories are the nerves responsible for which of the senses?

9. How many basic tastes can the human tongue distinguish?

10. What is the medical term for not being able to smell?  


1. Retina

2. Beethoven

3. Optic Nerve

4. Touch

5. Iris

6. Pupil

7. The ear

8. Smell

9. Four

10. Anosmia


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