The Sun Quiz 1

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1. With which country is the phrase Sun, Sea and Sangria associated?

2. Who had a top 10 hit in 1962 with the song Sun arise?

3. What is the name of the Greek God of the Sun?

4. ?Don?t know why there?s no sun up in the sky? is a line from which song?

5. Which famous hostage had a wife called Sunny?

6. The production of which vitamin is especially promoted by the sunlight?

7. With which sport is Sunningdale associated?

8. According to Coleridge, which river ran ?down to a sunless sea??

9. Which famous 16th century scientist made the first serious study of sunspots?

10. Who wrote the song ?You are the sunshine of my life??  


1. Spain

2. Rolf Harris

3. Helios

4. Stormy weather

5. Jackie Mann

6. D

7. Golf

8. The Alph

9. Galileo

10. Stevie Wonder


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