Nicknames Quiz 3

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1. Who is Vincent Furnier better known as?

2. What other name is the fruit ?Bramble? better known as?

3. Who was William Frederick Cody better known as?

4. Who has as one of his titles ?Patriarch of the West??

5. What was the former name of Brownie Guider the leader of Brownies now officially known?

6. What was the former name of Sellafield??

7. Which film star was known as the ?Sex Kitten? of the 1950?s?

8. I?m the urban spaceman, a hit for the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band was produced by Apollo C. Vermouth. Whose alias is this?

9. Gabrielle Chanel, the French fashion designer and perfumer had what nickname?

10. What was Kevin Lloyd?s nickname in The Bill  

11. Whose nickname was Satchmo?

12. Francois Duvalier, president of Haiti until his death in 1971, was known by what nickname?

13. How was King George VI known until 1936?

14. Which famous American song writer began life as Israel Baline?

15. What is the name of Cricket?s Bearded Wonder?

16. Jacob Gershovitz composer and pianist was better known as who?

17. Which politician's nickname was Tarzan?

18. What is Joe Cockers real first name?

19. Who was William Joyce better known as during World war II?

20. Which boxer was known as the Brown Bomber?


1. Alice Cooper

2. Blackberry

3. Buffalo Bill

4. The Pope

5. Brown Owl

6. Windscale

7. Bridgitte Bardot

8. Paul Mcartney

9. Coco

10. Tosh

11. Louis Armstrong

12. Papa Doc

13. Prince Albert

14. Irving Berlin

15. Bill Frindall

16. George Gershwin

17. Michael Hesletine

18. John

19. Lord Haw Haw

20. Joe Louis


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