Heavenly Bodies Quiz 2

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Heavenly Bodies1. For which film did Tatum O? Neil win her only Oscar?

2. Who was Mickey Mouse?s dog?

3. Which planet did William Herschel discover in 1781?

4. Who was the astronaut, now an American senator who found himself out of this world in February 1962?

5. If you were born on 30th January, what would you star sign be?

6. Where would you find the mount of Apollo, the mount of the moon, and the girdle of

7. Over which celestial object did the cow jump?

8. In Greek mythology, who bears forever heaven on his shoulders?

9. On which planet do Abbott and Costello land in the film Abbott and Costello go to mars?

10. Where would you find the extinct volcano, Olympus Mons?  


1. Paper Moon

2. Pluto

3. Uranus

4. John Glenn

5. Aquarius

6. On the palm of your hand

7. The Moon

8. Atlas

9. Venus

10. On Mars


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