Outlandish Statements Quiz 1

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What is being referred to in the following statements?

1. It was originally built in 1703 although it was 1st opened to the public on 7th August 1993 when 4,314 people paid to visit it.

2. 117 miles long, it was officially opened in its entirety in October 1986

3. Weighing over 3,700 tonnes and completed in 1983, it was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in May 1984

4. 51 miles long, it was opened on 15th August 1914

5. It was built in August 1961 and largely demolished on 9th November 1989

6. 302 feet high and weighing 225 tons, it was erected in October 1886

7. It was built in Hyde Park in 1851 although dismantled over the next three years and rebuilt on Sydenham Hill, where it was destroyed by fire in 1936

8. 31 miles long, it was opened on 6th May 1994 having employed nearly 13,000 people in its construction.

9. 73 miles long, it stretches from Bowness and Wallsend.

10. 984 feet high, it was built in 1889 and intended to last 20 years. It still remains today and is visited by millions each year.  


1. Buckingham Palace

2. The M25

3. Thames Flood Barrier

4. Panama Canal

5. Berlin Wall

6. Statue of Liberty

7. Crystal Palace

8. Channel Tunnel

9. Hadrian?s Wall

10. Eiffel Tower


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