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Silver Quiz1. With which television role is Jay Silverheels associated?

2. What is the chemical symbol for Silver?

3. Which American actor had a British hit in the 70s with ?Silver lady??

4. Which part of the body is sometimes metaphorically described as silver?

5. Who or what can allegedly only be killed by a silver bullet?

6. Which of the arts do you associate with Joel Silver?

7. In which novel does the character Long John Silver appear?

8. What make of car is the Silver Ghost?

9. Who according to the nursery rhyme had silver buckles at his knee?

10. Who had a 1967 hit with the song Hi-Ho silver lining?  


1. Tonto

2. Ag

3. David Soul

4. Tongue

5. Werewolf

6. Films

7. Treasure Island

8. Rolls Royce

9. Bobby Shafto

10. Jeff Beck


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