On the Run Quiz 1

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1. Who won Olympic gold medals at 1500 metres in 1980 and 1984?

2. Who wrote the novel the loneliness of the long distance runner?

3. In august 1995 Haile Gebreselassie knocked ten seconds off the world record for the 5000 metres. In which European city did this take place?

4. At what distance did Ann Packer win an Olympic gold medal?

5. Why was the time for the steeplechase at the 1932 Olympics especially slow?

6. Who has won the New York marathon nine times?

7. Who plays the runner in the 1976 film marathon man?

8. Who won Olympic gold medals in the 10,000 metres race in both 1972 and 1976?

9. Who was the first athlete to run a 3000 metre steeplechase in under 8 minutes?

10. Which band recorded the best-selling album Band on the Run?  


1. Sebastian Coe

2. Alan Sillitoe

3. Zurich

4. 800 Metres

5. The Runners Ran An Extra Lap In Error

6. Grete Waitz

7. Dustin Hoffman

8. Lasse Viren

9. Moses Kiptanui

10. Wings


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