Going for Gold Quiz 2

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1. Which Irish woman won 3 gold medals at Atlanta in 1996?

2. Which of these colours isn?t used in the colour of a ring on the Olympic Flag Green, yellow, blue, orange, black, red

3. Who emulated Jesse Owens 1936 performance by winning 4 track & field gold medals in 1984?

4. At Montreal 1976, who became the first gymnast to score a perfect 10?

5. When Seb Coe retained his 1500m title in LA 1984, who took the silver?

6. Why were US medallists Tommy Smith & Juan Carlos sent home from the 1968 games?

7. Which weight-lifter who took gold at super-heavyweight in 1972 and 1976 later stood for president of Russia?

8. In which running event in 1992 did South Africa become the first black man to win a gold medal for his country?

9. Who shattered the world long jump record by 55cm in 1968?

10. Which aristocratic Frenchman was behind the revival of the modern Olympics at Athens in 1896? Monsieur Massaud, Baron de Coubertain, Charles Corbien or Thiery de Bouve  


1. Michelle Smith

2. Orange

3. Carl Lewis

4. Nadia Comaneci

5. Steve Cram

6. They gave a black power salute on the rostrum

7. Vassily Alexeyev

8. The Marathon

9. Bob Beamon

10. Baron De Coubertain


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