Firsts and Lasts Quiz 1

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1. In 1893, which country in the southern hemisphere was the first to grant women the vote?

2. Edith Cresson was the first woman prime minister of which country?

3. Who was the first American president to be assassinated whilst in office?

4. Who was the first chancellor of the German federal Republic between 1949-1963?

5. Taw is the last letter of which alphabet?

6. Which horse race is run at Longchamps on the first Sunday in October?

7. Between which two towns was the first steam passenger railway line to open in Britain?

8. A study in scarlet was whose first case?

9. Who was Queen Elizabeth II?s first prime minister?

10. Who had a hit with ?last of the famous international playboys? in 1989?  


1. New Zealand

2. France

3. Abraham Lincoln

4. Konrad Adenauer

5. Hebrew

6. Prix de l?arc de triomphe

7. The Stockton and Darlington railway (S&DR) (thanks to Peter for correcting that one, we previously had the answer set as Manchester to Liverpool) The line was 26 miles (40 km) long, and was built between Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees and from Darlington to several collieries near Shildon in north-eastern England. The line was initially built to connect inland coal mines to Stockton, where coal was to be loaded onto sea-going boats. Much of its route is now served by the Tees Valley Line, operated by Northern Rail.

8. Sherlock Holmes

9. Winston Churchill

10. Morrissey


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