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1. Who starred as The Sundance Kid in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid?

2. During the full run of Charlie's Angels, how many angels were there in total?

3. In TV's "Get Smart" what was Maxwell Smart's Number?

4. Splodgenessabounds had a 1980 hit with a double A side record, Horse was one track, the other was a cover of a 1969 number 1 what was it?

5. In 1988, who played Inspector Abberlaine in TV's 'Jack The Ripper'?

6. Which original Queen album contains the song "Bohemian Rhapsody"?

7. Which ragtime song was used in the film The Sting?

8. Who was "The 3rd Man"?

9. After the release of the first James Bond film, which country sent out a communiqu? expressing dissaproval at the film's morality?

10. What were the names of Samantha's two children in the TV series Bewitched?

11. What was the first film to gross $70 million?

12. What instrument did jazz musician Dave Brubeck play?

13. Orson Welles provided the voice of Robin Masters, a wealthy estate owner who was heard but never seen. In which US TV series was it?

14. Who portrayed Sherlock Holmes in 14 films between 1939 and 1946?

15. What was John Wayne's last movie? For a bonus point, in what year was it released?

16. Who portrayed boxer Jake la Motta in the 1980 film raging bull?

17. Which film release in 1999 has Brad Pitt playing the Grim Reaper?

18. Which character did Howard Keel play in Dallas?

19. Who was the famous wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia who rode without clothes through the streets of Coventry?

20. Who was the first husband of the film star Elizabeth Taylor?

21. Who did all his detecting sitting down?

22. What is Paul McCartney's first name?

23. Which supermodel appeared in the film "Sirens" with Hugh Grant?

24. Which actor played villain Max Cady in the nineties re-make of "Cape Fear"?

25. In which film did Humphrey Bogart play Rick Blane?

26. What was unusual about the result of the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest?

27. Which musical was derived from George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion?

28. What was sergeant Bilko's first name?

29. What nationality was Gustav Holst?

30. Which opera, the story of ill fated love, was written by George Gershwin for a totally black cast?

31. In which opera is the heroine a girl who works in a cigarette factory?

32. The Boswell sisters released a record in 1934. Which three words appeared for the very first time in the song title?

33. Which two characters have been portrayed the most times in films?

34. In which films did the following characters die in a hair raising manner? 
    a: Father Damian Carras, 
    b: Marion Crane, 
    c: Major T.J. King Kong, 
    d: Captain Quint.


1. Robert Redford.

2. Six.

3. Agent 86.

4. Two little boys.

5. Michael Caine.

6. A Night at the Opera.

7. The entertainer.

8. Harry Lime.

9. The Vatican.

10. Tabatha and Adam.

11. Gone with the wind.

12. Piano.

13. Magnum PI.

14. Basil Rathbone.

15. The Shootist (1976).

16. Robert de Niro.

17. Meet Joe Black.

18. Clayton Farlow.

19. Lady Godiva.

20. Nicky Hilton.

21. Robert Ironside.

22. James (Middle name is Paul).

23. Elle MacPherson.

24. Robert de Niro, again.

25. Casablanca.

26. Four countries tied for first place.

27. My Fair Lady.

28. Ernest.

29. English.

30. Porgy and Bess.

31. Carmen.

32. Rock'n'Roll.

33. Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. (Third place is Napoleon).

34. a: The Exorcist, 
    b: Psycho, 
    c: Dr. Strangelove, 
    d: Jaws.


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