Prisons and Prisoners Quiz 1

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1. ?Stone Walls do not a prison make? is a well known line from a poem by Richard Lovelace, what is the next line?

2. Which famous literary character was imprisoned at The Chateau d?If?

3. Who wrote ?The ballad of Reading Gaol??

4. Who did the enchantress, Dame Gothel, hold prisoner in the tower?

5. What caused the play ?Cell mates? to end its 1995 West end run after only 3 weeks?

6. In which prison was Rudolph Hess being held at the time of his death?

7. Who played the part of The Prisoner in the TV series of the same name?

8. Which heroine of Italian Opera leaps to her death from a Prison wall?

9. In which film does Karl Malden play prison governor Harvey Shoemaker?

10. What is the nickname given to Thailand?s notorious capital prison?  


1. Nor Iron Bars A Cage

2. The Count of Monte Cristo

3. Oscar Wilde

4. Rapunzel (thanks to Chris Payne for correcting this one)

5. Stephen Fry suddenly disappeared

6. Spandau

7. Patrick McGoohan

8. Tosca

9. The Birdman of Alcatraz

10. The Bangkok Hilton


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