Trick Questions Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Fuiage from the UK. Many thanks Fuiage.

1. Which animal is the longest in the world?

2. What colour was the sky in aincent greece?

3. How many sheep did Noah take onto his boat (according to the bible)?

4. What does alchohol do to your brain cells?

5. Who discovered/invented electricity?

6. What is the capital of Cambodia?

7. What is the largest man made creation in the world?

8. Assuming pluto is a planet, how many planets are there in the solar system?

9. How many moons has the earth got?

10. Which north African country had a flag of only one colour between 1977 and 2011?


1. Ribbon Worm-(Lineus Longissimus)-180 feet long 72 feet longer than the blue whale

2. Bronze-They didn't have a word for blue so their closest one was bronze.

3. 7-The bible actually said "And the lord said take seven of every clean animal and two of every unpure animal..."

4. Slows production of them-The human brain produces several million brain cells a second.

5. An uknown monk-The first dated discovery of electricity was by an italian monk who noted small electric shocks when there was friction between metals.

6. Phnom Pehn-Its not a trick question its just really hard to say.

7. The Fresh Kills-In New York Fresh Kills is a giant rubbish pile up.

8. 80,000-Almost all of the asteroids in the asteroid belt are the same size as pluto.

9. 2-Cruithne, it is smaller than the moon and orbits longer.

10. Libya-Nothing but dark green. This isn't a trick question but i've run out of them.

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