Entertainment Quiz 11

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1. In which city is The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie set

2. Who sang the theme tune to That Was The Week That Was?

3. In the nursery rhyme after Polly put the kettle on who took it off again ?

4. What was the Theme tune for Bridge on the River Kwai?

5. According to the advert for a drink, 'What Worked Wonders'?

6. What was Bombardier Billy Wells? association with J.Arthur Rank Pictures?

7. Which actor was the Fall Guy?

8. In which TV series did the organisation THRUSH feature?

9. Which music hall comedian was known as the Cheeky Chappy?

10. What cuts cleaning time in half?  

11. Name two of the three hosts of ITV?s The Golden Shot?

12. Who rode a tricycle in the Magic Roundabout?

13. Which was the world?s biggest grossing film of 1999?

14. What was the name of the butler in the TV series ?Hart To Hart??

15. Who played Dixon of Dock Green?

16. On which island are the inhabitants of BBC?s Castaway 2000 program situated?

17. Who is Warren Beattie?s sister?

18. Connie Booth, John Cleese?s then wife, played which character in Fawlty Towers?

19. Name either of Bart Simpson?s sisters?

20. What nationality is opera star Placido Domingo?


1. Edinburgh

2. Millicent Martin

3. Suki

4. Colonel Bogey

5. A Double Diamond

6. Banger gong at begining of pictures

7. Lee Majors

8. The man from UNCLE?

9. Max Miller

10. Flash

11. Bob Monkhouse, Norman Vaughan, and Charlie Williams

12. Mr. McHenry 

13. Star Wars The Phantom Menace

14. Max

15. Jack Warner

16. Taransay

17. Shirley Maclaine

18. Polly

19. Lisa or Maggie

20. Spanish


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