Money Money Money Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Many thanks again Alan, a really great round once again!

The total of the clues will add up to ?526. 6 shillings and 11 pence in old UK money!

1. Where stray dogs end up?

2. The middle part of a gorilla's leg?

3. The film starring Tommy Steele which was based on the Rudyard Kipling book "Kipps"

4. Buffalo Bill rode for this company at the age of 14

5. The Beatles sang about this Liverpool thoroughfare

6. The surname of one of Coronation Street's original characters, played by Pat Phoenix

7. Most royalty get to wear one of these

8. A capuchin, howler or "Cheeky" perhaps

9. Singer Mr Zimmerman's more familiar first name

10. The cost of a kid in the title of the 1955 Diana Dors film - or Mars and Venus perhaps!


1. Pound - (?1.00)

2. Ape Knee! - (halfpenny)

3. Half a sixpence - (3 pence)
Half a sixpence - (three pence)

4. "Pony" Express - (Pony is slang for ?25.00)

5. Penny Lane - (one pence)

6. Elsie "Tanner" - (Tanner is slang for six pence)

7. Crown - (5 shillings)

8. Monkey - (Monkey is slang for ?500.00)

9. "Bob" Dylan - (Bob is slang for one shilling)

10. Two Farthings - (Two "far things!" = halfpenny)

Total: ?526. 6 shillings and 11 pence (in old UK money)


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