Shoes Quiz 1

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1. Who had a hit with "Blue Suede Shoes" in 1956

2. What were the sharply pointed shoes called that were commonly worn by the Mods in the 1950s

3. What colour were the magic Slippers that the wicked witch of the West tried to steal from Dorothy in the film"The Wizard of Oz"

4. Who starred as Eddie Shoestring, in a late 70?s detective series based in Bristol called Shoestring?

5. Which Malaysian is best known for his hand made ladies designer shoes?

6. What term is used to describe the illegal production, distribution or sale of a product; first coined during the prohibition period in the USA.

7. In 1974, which infamous criminal did Det. Chief Superintendent Jack Slipper of the Flying Squad attempt to have deported from Brazil?

8. What name is given to: (1) A type of a regional accent, particularly in Celtic speech, and (2) A type of dress shoe characterised by patterns of punched holes in the upper.

9. Who recorded the 1978 album New Boots and Panties?

10. Which Roman god is portrayed as the messenger god with winged sandals?  


1. Elvis Presley

2. Winkle-pickers

3. Ruby (Accept Red)

4. Trevor Eve

5. Jimmy Choo

6. Boot-Legging

7. Ronald Biggs

8. Brogue

9. Ian Dury and the blockheads

10. Mercury (the Greek equivalent is Hermes, disallow this answer)


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