Lots of Points Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Nick Poole from the UK.  Many thanks Nick, great job!

The quiz is suitable only for British or Irish audiences due to the subjects in question.

1. Name the Carry on Films that starting with the following letters, R, J, H, B? 4pts

2. Who killed dirty Den Watts in the 20th Anniversary edition of Eastenders and what was the murder weapon? 2pts

3. The RMS Titanic picked up passengers from which three ports before its ill fated collision with an iceberg? 3pts

4. Who are the current holders of the Rugby, Cricket and Football World Cups? 3pts

5. What are the highest waterfalls in the world and in what country are they? 2pts

6. Which two books do castaways automatically receive on “Desert island discs”? 2pts

7. Who owns the following businesses in Coronation Street (as of 2009)? 4pts
    The Rovers Return - ?
    The Kabin - ?
    The Corner Shop - ?
    The Builders Yard - ?

8. What is the name of Denis the Menace's dog and in what comic did he appear? 2pts

9. What is the world's longest railway line, and between which two cities does it run?  2pts

10. Who is the current United Nations general secretary and what is his nationality?  2pts


1. Regardless, Jack, Henry, Behind

2. Chrissie, second wife, Pauline Fowler's Dog Shaped Doorstop

3. Southampton, Cherbourg, Queenstown ( Cobh Ireland )

4. South Africa, Australia and Italy

5. Angel Falls, Venezuala

6. The bible and the complete works of Shakespeare

7. Four answers
    The Rovers Return - Steve McDonald
    The Kabin - Norris Cole
    The Corner Shop - Dev Alahan
    The Builders Yard - Bill Webster

8. Gnasher, The Beano

9. Trans Siberian, Moscow and Vladivostok

10. Ban Ki-Moon, South Korean


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