The Top Row Quiz 1

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All answers begin with one of the letters on the top row of letters on a typewriter keyboard.

1. At the start of a game of the UK version of Monopoly, if you throw a double six, which square would you land on?

2. Which was the first British newspaper to be printed in colour?

3. What name is given to the unit of electrical resistance?

4. In which film did Michael Douglas play the part of Gordon Gecko?

5. Which European country has the oldest Parliament?

6. What is represented by a red triangle on an Ordnance Survey Map?

7. Which group have released two albums named after Marx Brother's films?

8. What name is given to the unpaved road along the south side of London's Hyde Park, normally reserved for Horseriders?

9. What was the nickname of Gene Hackman's character in The French Connection?

10. Which planet has over a dozen satellites, each named after a character from a Shakespeare play?  


1. Electricity Board

2. Today

3. Ohm

4. Wall Street

5. Iceland

6. Youth Hostel

7. Queen

8. Rotten Row

9. Popeye

10. Uranus


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