Mythical Quiz 2

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1. Who in Greek Mythology destroyed the monsters Python and Cyclops?

2. What were the names of the twins who according to legend, were abandoned and suckled by a she wolf?

3. In Greek mythology who is the goddess of war, wisdom and liberal?

4. According to the legend where did Robin Hood and his merry men live?

5. According to the legend what creature did Saint George slay?

6. What was the name of the 2 faced god of doorways and Archways?

7. Who is the Roman God of War and protector of vegetation?

8. Who was the mythical queen of the Amazons?

9. In Hebrew, does the name Satan mean angel, devil adversary or idiot?

10. Which mythological character, famous for his great beauty, had a son and daughter by Aphrodite?  

11. Which Knight of the Round Table succeeded in his quest for the Holy Grail?

12. How many planets in the solar system are named after Greek Gods?

13. What name is given to the 9 handmaidens of Odin who chose which men were doomed to die in battle?

14. Hathor the Egyptian goddess of love had the head of which animal?

15. Who was the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva?

16. In Mythology, how many labours did Hercules perform to atone for killing his own family?

17. Who killed Achilles by shooting him in the heel with an arrow and shares their name with a European Capital City?

18. In Egyptian Mythology Isis was the wife of which God?

19. Who was the supreme god in Norse mythology?

20. Which Roman goddess has appeared in the title of UK Top Twenty hits by Frankie Avalon, Mark Wynter and Bananarama?  


1. Apollo

2. Romulous And Remus

3. Athena (in roman mythology identified with Minerva)

4. Sherwood Forrest

5. Dragon

6. Janus (January)

7. Mars

8. Hippolyte

9. Adversary

10. Adonis  

11. Sir Galahad

12. 2 (Uranus and Pluto)

13. Valkyries

14. Cow

15. Athena

16. 12

17. Paris

18. Osiris

19. Odin

20. Venus  


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