Automobile Quiz 2

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1. Which Briton was a member of the winning team in the 1990 Le mans 24-hour race?

2. Which Beatles' album includes the song "Drive my Car"?

3. In the TV series, what make of car does Inspector Morse drive?

4. Who in 1966 won the Constructor's Championship with a car of his own design, and also became Formula 1 world champion?

5. What is the title of the 1979 top 10 hit for driver 67?

6. Who won an Oscar for her role in the 1989 film Driving Miss daisy?

7. In which game might a player use a driver?

8. Which Spaniard won the 1991 Monte Carlo rally?

9. Which group had a number 1 in 1961, with your driving me crazy, was it the Cool 4's, The High 5, the Sexy 6's, Temperance 7, Eistedfford 8's

10. Who played the high speed getaway driver in the 1978 film Driver?  

11. What does a 'drosometer' measure: light, the tread on a car tyre or dew?

12. What acid is commonly found in car batteries?

13. Which British car manufacturer shares it's name with a London Bridge?

14. Which Ferrari was named after the son of Enzo Ferrari who was killed in a car accident?

15. Was the first powered road vehicle manufactured in 1769, 1779, 1789 or 1799?

16. Who designed the mini?

17. What was Rolls of Rolls Royce fame first name?

18. What make of cars was Lord Nuffield responsible for manufacturing?

19. The Dusenberg motor car comes from which country?

20. Which comedy, starring Steve Martin was all about him trying to get home for thanksgiving?


1. Martin Brundle

2. Rubber Soul

3. Jaguar

4. Jack Brabham

5. Car 67

6. Jessica Tandy

7. Golf

8. Carlos Sainz

9. The temperance 7

10. Ryan O'Neal  

11. Dew

12. Sulphuric Acid

13. Vauxhall

14. Dino

15. 1769

16. Sir Alec Issigonis

17. Charles

18. Morris

19. The USA

20. Planes Trains & Automobiles


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