Famous Firsts Quiz 2

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1. Who was the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes?

2. Who was the first woman to fly the Atlantic single handed?

3. Who was the first woman in space?

4. Who was the first ruler of the United Kingdom?

5. Who was the first man to sail single handed non stop around the world?

6. Who was the first British Prime Minister?

7. Which firsts should carry a lump of coal?

8. Who is the first Lord of the Treasury?

9. Who was Henry VIII’s first wife?

10. Who is referred to as The First Lady?  

11. Man to play golf on the moon

12. Name of Mrs Beeton

13. Decade in which Oscars were awarded

14. Duo to be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

15. Captain of the USS Enterprise

16. Country to employ the metric system

17. Boxer to regain the World heavyweight title

18. Film to be made with a stereo soundtrack

19. Woman to present Grandstand

20. No 1 to feature bagpipes  


1. Roger Bannister

2. Amelia Earheart

3. Valentina Tereshkova (in 1963)

4. James VI of Scotland James I of England

5. Robin Knox Johnston (1968-9)

6. Sir Robert Walpole

7. Firstfoots (First person over the threshold on New Years Day)

8. The Prime Minister

9. Catharine of Aragon

10. The Wife of the President of the United States  

11. Alan Shephard

12. Isabella

13. 1920s

14. Everley Brothers

15. Christopher Pike

16. France

17. Floyd Patterson

18. Fantasia

19. Helen Rollason

20. Amazing grace


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