Couples and Pairs Quiz 1

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1. In which film did Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton appear as man & wife, when they were married to each other in real life?

2. For which actress did Arthur Miller write ?The Misfits??

3. How do impersonators Jeanette Charles and Elizabeth Richard earn a living?

4. Whose closing statement at the end of their TV show is: ?It?s goodnight from me, and it?s goodnight from him??

5. In which two sports does action take place on a ?Piste??

6. Who was Fred Flintstones? best friend?

7. By what name are TV cooks Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright better known?

8. In which fictitious village did James Herriot and Sigfried Farnham practise?

9. Name the two expert ?sniffers? who appear on ?Food & Drink??

10. In a pack of cards, which are the two one-eyed jacks?  


1. Who?s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe

2. Marilyn Monroe, his wife.

3. By impersonating the Queen.

4. The Two Ronnies.

5. Skiing and fencing.

6. Barney Rubble.

7. Two Fat Ladies.

8. Darrowby.

9. Oz Clarke and Jilly Goolden.

10. Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts.


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