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1. Who was the deaf and blind American authoress who wrote such works as The Story of my Life, Out of the Dark and Let us have Faith?

2. Who was the first and only Englishman ever to become Pope?

3. Who was one of the first women to enter the medical profession and was also the first female Mayor in her native town of Aldeburgh?

4. Who was the English financier who gave his name to the law that bad money tends to drive good money from circulation?

5. Which famous singer was assassinated in New York City in December 1980?

6. Who instituted the flat-rate penny post in England?

7. For what was Marie Montessori famous?

8. Name the 13-year-old who hit the headlines in 1985 when she gained a first-class honours degree in mathematics from Oxford University.

9. Who was The Maid of Orleans?

10. He was born in 1856 and died in 1939. He was an Austrian by birth and specialised in psychoanalysis. Who was he?

11. Robert the Bruce was a great Scottish hero. From which disease did he die in 1329?

12. Who was the famous French seer, or prophet, who lived between 1503 and 1566, yet predicted the Great Fire of London, the coming of Louis Pasteur, General Franco and the Civil War in Spain and -most remarkably- that an Austrian named Hister (Hitler) would lead Germany in a Great War but would eventually be defeated?

13. Who was the American businessman who founded the first large department store in Britain in 1909?

14. Which woman, dedicated to the relief of the poor, won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize?

15. Who led the Chinese forces against the Japanese during World War II?

16. Who was the Quaker who lived in Norwich who was an active reformer of English prisons in the nineteenth century?

17. Which Frenchman's work for the blind earned him the title Father and Apostle of the Blind?

18. Who was the young Scotswoman who risked her life to save Prince Charles Edward Stuart after his defeat at the hands of the Duke of Cumberland?

19. In 1934, who became the first woman general of the entire Salvation Army?

20. To which Highland clan did the Scottish outlaw Rob Roy belong?  


1. Helen Keller

2. Nicholas Breakspear

3. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

4. Sir Thomas Gresham

5. John Lennon

6. Rowland Hill

7. Her developments in infant education

8. Ruth Lawrence

9. Joan of Arc

10. Sigmund Freud

11. Leprosy

12. Nostradamus

13. Harry Gordon Selfridge

14. Mother Theresa

15. General Chiang Kai-Shek

16. Elizabeth Fry

17. Valentin Hauy

18. Flora Macdonald

19. Evangeline Booth

20. The MacGregor or Campbell clan  


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