Kings and Queens Quiz 1

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1. How many Kings of England have been named George?

2. Of which Dynasty was Elizabeth I the last monarch?

3. Who became King of Spain on General Franco's death?

4. Which King of England was killed while hunting in the New Forest?

5. In which century did Cleopatra live?

6. Who was King of England from 1016, of Denmark from 1018 and of Norway from 1028 until his death in 1035?

7. What did Louis 18th of France call the 'Politeness of kings'?

8. In which country did King Albert succeed his brother Baudouin in 1993?

9. Which King's lovers included Nell Gwyn, Lady Portsmouth and Lucy Walter

10. Which English King was killed at the battle of Bosworth?


1. 6

2. Tudor

3. Juan Carlos

4. William II

5. First Century BC

6. Canute

7. Punctuality

8. Belgium

9. Charles II

10. Richard III


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