World Leaders Quiz 1

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1. Who came to prominence when he overthrew the dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959?

2. In which country did Papa Doc and Baby Doc have a reign of terror?

3. Which country was ruled for 40 years by the dictator Antonio Salazar?

4. Who was the Israeli Prime Minister from 1948 to 1963?

5. In which country did Grand Duke Jean become head of state in 1964?

6. The worlds first woman Prime Minister was appointed by which nation in 1960?

7. Of which state was Bill Clinton governor before becoming President of the USA?

8. Who succeeded Anwar Sadat as president in 1981?

9. Where was Nelson Mandella held prisoner for 27 years?

10. Who became Australian Prime Minister in 1992?


1. Fidel Castro

2. Haiti

3. Portugal

4. David Ben Gurion

5. Luxembourg

6. Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

7. Arkansas

8. President Mubarak

9. Robben Island

10. Paul Keating


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