Couples and Pairs Quiz 2

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1. Who was peter seller?s co-star in the film ?the millionairess??

2. Margaret Kempson and Margaret Roberts were both married to which person?

3. Which two countries joined the EEC at the same time as Britain?

4. In the 1950's radio programme ?educating Archie?, who was Archie?s tutor?

5. Which duo had a hit in 1982 with ?ebony, ivory??

6. Which tennis pair have won a record 109 consecutive ladies doubles matches?

7. Which countries play for the ?ashes??

8. Which two woodwind instruments are classified as double reeds?

9. With whom did ?bonzo? the chimpanzee co-star in the 1951 film ?bedtime for bonzo??

10. In the hit 80s cop series Miami vice, what parts were played by Don Johnson & Philip Michael Thomas?

11. For the following names, provide the other names that are better known:
    a. Parker and Baron
    b. Karen and Richard
    c. Bud and Lou
    d. Lenny and Di


1. Sophia Loren

2. Dennis Thatcher

3. Denmark and Eire

4. Tony Hancock

5. Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney

6. Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver

7. England and Australia.

8. Oboe and bassoon

9. Ronald Reagan

10. Crockett & Tubbs  

11. Four Answers:
    a. Bonnie and Clyde
    b. Carpenters
    c. Abbott and Costello
    d. Peters and Lee


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