Dictators Quiz 1

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1. Which dictator had a residence at the Berchtesgaden?

2. Which English educated dictator now lives in Saudi Arabia?

3. Which was the last EU country to be ruled by a dictator?

4. Which southern African nation ousted it's long-time dictator, Hastings Banda, in 1994?

5. Who replaced Batista as dictator of a Caribbean island?

6. Of which country was president Stroessner dictator?

7. Which dictator was executed on Christmas Day 1989?

8. Which dictator was assisted by the "ton-ton Macoutes"?

9. On which Mediterranean island was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

10. In 1929, Stalin ordered the liquidation of the Wealthy Farmers who opposed one of his nationalisation plans. What were their names?


1. Hitler.

2. Idi Amin.

3. Spain.

4. Malawi.

5. Fidel Castro.

6. Paraguay.

7. Ceausescu of Romania.

8. Jean "Papa Doc" Duvalier of Haiti.

9. Corsica

10. Kulaks


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