Famous People Quiz 2

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1. Which great woman scientist was awarded two Nobel Prizes in the early years of the twentieth century?

2. Born in 1835, this son of a poor Scottish weaver became an American multi-millionaire. He gave most of his money away to benefit the public, notably by founding libraries. Who was he?

3. Who organised the first Continental holiday tour in 1855?

4. What did the Polish oculist Dr L Zamenhof invent?

5. John Metcalf was an English engineer who devised new and improved methods of road making and bridge building, but what physical handicap did he suffer?

6. Who, according to legend, was the son of Uther Pendragon,?

7. Name the great English landscape gardener who designed the grounds of Blenheim Palace and transformed the landscape of extensive areas of the UK

8. Friend of the Prince Regent in the early 1800s and his fashionable and sometimes extravagant dress led to his name being used as a byword for elegance -who was he?

9. For what do Americans remember Francis Scott Key best?

10. He was a chemist and microbiologist and one of the greatest scientists of the nineteenth century. He showed the connection between germs and disease and developed vaccines for rabies, anthrax and cholera. Who was he?

11. Who was the BBC's principal television commentator during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II?

12. What was the name of the English headmaster whose influence, at Rugby School (1828-42) gave it a renowned position among public schools?

13. Who was the daughter of the Indian Chief Powhatan who saved the life of Captain John Smith and was later baptised as Rebecca?

14. Alexander Graham Bell is known for his invention of the telephone. What was his profession?

15. Which British economist is famous for his Essay on the Principle of Population in which he maintained that while the population increases in geometrical ratio, food supply increases in arithmetical ratio?


1. Marie Curie

2. Andrew Carnegie

3. Thomas Cook

4. Esperanto

5. He was blind

6. Arthur

7. Lancelot Capability Brown

8. Beau Brummell

9. He wrote the Star Spangled Banner

10. Louis Pasteur

11. Richard Dimbleby

12. Thomas Arnold

13. Pochahontas

14. He was a teacher of deaf and dumb children

15. Thomas Malthus


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