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Film Quiz1. Who became an overnight sex symbol when she made the film 10?

2. Who was the Scottish born ballet dancer who came to films for the leading role in The Red Shoes?

3. Who was once described as 'an outrageous female impersonator' and starred in the films Klondike Annie and The Heat's On?

4. Which German film star said ?The relationship between the make-up man and the film actor is one of accomplices in crime??

5. Which swimmer starred in Bathing Beauty and Million Dollar Mermaid?

6. She was probably the greatest box office attraction of all time and yet she failed a test for the 'Our Gang' series. Who was she?

7. Which actress won Oscars for her unpleasant mother roles in The Diary of Anne Frank and A Patch of Blue?

8. Which actress's story was portrayed in the 1983 film Mommie Dearest?

9. Which classic movie star appeared in Anna Christie, Queen Christina and Anna Karenina in the 1930s?

10. Who is credited with the following memorable quotation: 'I never hated a man long enough to give him back his diamonds'?

11. Judy Garland's daughter became a famous film actress and singer. Name her.

12. Which actress was married and divorced from Artie Shaw, Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra?

13. Which .number one pin-up girl of World War II starred In the 1940s films Tin Pan Alley, Moon Over Miami and Springtime In The Rockies?

14. Who played the heroine in the 1933 film King Kong?

15. Which actress returned to the big screen in 1985, after an absence of 14 years, in the film The Assam Garden I which was filmed in South Wales?

16. In which film did Elizabeth Taylor become recognised as a child star in 1944?

17. Who became an international star in 1969 in the title role of Anne of the Thousand Days?

18. At 13 this actress won a BAFTA award for her role as a spoof 'siren' in Bugsy Malone and in 1988 she won Best Actress Oscar for The Accused. Name her.

19. Who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Mrs Miniver (1942) and became known as the Queen of MGM?

20. Which actress played the writer Lillian Hellman in Fred Zinnemann's film Julia?  


1. Bo Derek

2. Moira Shearer

3. Mae West

4. Marlene Dietrich

5. Esther Williams

6. Shirley Temple

7. Shelley Winters

8. Joan Crawford

9. Greta Garbo

10. Zsa Zsa Gabor

11. Liza Minelli

12. Ava Gardner

13. Betty Grable

14. Fay Wray

15. Deborrah Kerr

16. National velvet

17. Genevieve Bujold

18. Jodie Foster

19. Greer Garson

20. Jane Fonda  


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