Movie and Moviestars Quiz 5

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Film Quiz1. What was the title of the first successful sound picture made in 1927?

2. In which film did Dustin Hoffman make his film debut in a leading role?

3. The film ?A Bridge too far? concerned the which famous battle?

4. Which director directed the film ?Stagecoach??

5. What was Marilyn Monroes real name?

6. What is the connection between 007 and Chitty Chitty bang bang?

7. Who plays the title role in the recent film ?Get Shorty??

8. For what league team does Sean Bean get a trial for in the recent film ?When Saturday Comes??

9. Which film, Robert Redford movie had the poster slogan ?50 million people watched, nut no one saw a thing??

10. Which famous Victorian poet does Jonathan Pryce play in Emma Thompsons latest film Carrington?

11. Which musical and film was based on the HG Wells novel ?Kipps??

12. The 1980 film ?Coal Miners daughter? starring Sissy Spacek was based on the life of which country singer?

13. Which single word was written on Citizen Kanes sledge?

14. Who directed the film ET?

15. What was the title of the 1987 film by David Attenborough based on the life and death of Steve Biko?

16. Which 1969 film starring Barbara Streisand was based on ?The Matchmaker??

17. What make of car was ?Herbie??

18. Which actor won an Oscar for his performance as the sheriff in the film ?High Noon??

19. Who played the title role in Cat Balou?

20. Who is the actress daughter of John Houston?

21. Which movie star was the ?girl with the million dollar legs??

22. Susan Sarandon and Gena Davis play which couple in their 1991 film?

23. Name the character played by Marlon Brando in the Godfather?

24. In which film does the character Lola Lola sing falling in love again?

25. What is the name of Charlie Sheen?s screen star brother?

26. From which film does the following quote come ?I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells of victory"?

27. Which actress appeared in ?St. Elmo?s fire?, ?The Scarlett letter? and ?striptease??

28. What is the name of the skunk in the film ?bambi??

29. What was the title of the Alan Parker film based on the prison memoirs of Billy Hayes?

30. Who played Karl Stromberg in the film "The spy who loved me"?


1. Jazz Singer

2. The Graduate

3. Arnham

4. John Ford

5. Norma Jean Baker

6. Ian Fleming wrote both

7. Danny Devito

8. Sheffield United

9. Quiz Show (he directed it)

10. Lytton Strachy

11. Half a Sixpence

12. Loretta Lynn

13. Rosebud

14. Steven Spielburg

15. Cry Freedom

16. Hello Dolly

17. Volkswagen

18. Gary Cooper

19. Jane Fonda

20. Angelica Houston

21. Betty grable

22. Thelma & Louise

23. Don (Vito) Corleone

24. The blue angel

25. Emilio Estevez

26. Apocalypse now

27. Demi Moore

28. Flower

29. Midnight express

30. Curt Jurgens


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