Movie and Moviestars Quiz 6

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Film Quiz1. In which film does Paul Newman eat 50 hard boiled eggs for a bet?

2. In which Hitchcock film is Martin Balsam stabbed and topples down a flight of stairs

3. In which Kenneth Branagh treatment of a Shakespeare play did Michael Keaton and Denzel Washington appear?

4. In which movie did Sean Penn star with Michael Douglas?

5. Name the character played by Harrison Ford in Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger.

6. What film, starring Albert Finney was set in Nottingham in the 60?s?

7. Which crime film features Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle?

8. Which film star's statue stands in London's Leicester Square? Charlie

9. Which film thriller pitched disease specialist Dustin Hoffman against the US Army's top medic, Donald Sutherland?

10. Which part was played by Frank Morgan in the ?39 film "The Wizard of Oz"?

11. Gomez and Morticia were the lead roles in which movie?

12. Who played the title role in the movie Alfie?

13. Which two actors played the blues Brothers?

14. In which film did Robin Williams play a teacher called John Keating?

15. Who played the Bad guy in the magnificent seven?

16. What was the one thing the Tin man wanted in The Wizard of Oz?

17. What role was played by Anthony Daniels in Star Wars?

18. From what film does the quote ?Made it ma - top of the world??

19. Which films baddies were the Blue Meanies?

20. What was the name of the role played by Bob Hoskins in Who framed Roger Rabbit?

21. In which film did Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas play two news reporters who discover an operational flaw in a nuclear plant which the authorities are trying to cover up?

22. In which film did Laurence Olivier play Dr Szell, a nazi war criminal known as ?The White Angel??

23. Who played Jim in Rebel Without A Cause?

24. In which film did Robert de Niro play a boxer called Jake La Motta?

25. From which film does the song ?Windmills of your mind? come?

26. In which film did Audrey Hepburn play the part of a princess who on an official visit to Italy, slipped away incognito and fell in love with a journalist?

27. Who played the cowboy Gay Langland in the film ?The Misfits??

28. Who played Professor Godbole in A Passage to India?

29. Who won an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Claus Von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune?

30. In which film did Dustin Hoffman play Mumbles?


1. Cool Hand Luke

2. Psycho

3. Much Ado About Nothing

4. The Game

5. Jack Ryan

6. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

7. The French Connection

8. Charlie Chaplin's

9. Outbreak

10. The Wizard

11. The Adams Family

12. Michael Caine

13. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd

14. Dead Poets Society

15. Eli Wallach

16. A Heart

17. C3PO

18. White Heat

19. Yellow Submarine

20. Eddie Valliant

21. The China Syndrome

22. Marathon Man

23. James Dean

24. Raging Bull

25. The Thomas Crown Affair

26. Roman Holliday

27. Clark Gable

28. Alec Guinness

29. Jeremy Irons

30. Dick Tracy


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