Television Addresses Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1. Which series was set mainly at 34 Claremont Avenue, London, W11 4BS?

2. In which area was Citizen Smith set?

3. Where did Rupert Bear live?

4. What soap is set in Beckindale?

5. Where was Noels House Party set?

6. What series was set in Walnut Grove, Plum Creek, Minnesota?

7. Who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Mocking Bird Heights?

8. On which farm did Worzel Gummidge live?

9. In which wood is the dire sitcom Babes in the wood set?

10. What medical series is set in Cardale?


1. Absolutely Fabulous

2. Tooting

3. Nutwood

4. Emmerdale

5. Crinkley Bottom

6. Little House on the Prairie

7. The Munsters

8. Scatterbrook

9. St Johns Wood

10. Peak Practice


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