General Horror Knowledge Quiz 1

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1. What was the stage name of the English born horror film actor, William Henry Pratt?

2. Who wrote the horror books Rats and The Fog?

3. Which horror actor was on the first British episode of Celebrity Squares?

4. Born in 1889, which famous Horror actor died at the age of 73 in 1956?

5. Which famous horror film character was famous for his deadly glove?

6. Which monster, a star of many horror films, was created by Mary Shelley in 1818?

7. In which Gloucester street was the West?s house of horror?

8. What was the first horror film, released in the spring of 1908?

9. Which area of London did Jack the Ripper terrorise in 1888?

10. What made the Terror of Tiny Town an unusual film?


1. Boris Karlof

2. James Herbert

3. Vincent Price

4. Bela Lugosi

5. Freddie Kruger

6. The Monster (In the novel Frankenstein), Victor Frankenstein was the doctor.

7. Cromwell Street

8. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

9. Whitechappel

10. Cast of Midgets


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